What are Thermoplastic Road Markings?

Thermoplastic road markings are mainly composed of synthetic resin and premix glass beads and are a durable, long term solution. Thermoplastic paint is a solid powder before being heated and needs specialised machines during construction. The paint is melted before being transferred to the marking machine which applies the hot paint at the control of the operator. Thermoplastic coating sets quickly and will adhere strongly to the surface.

Safety Benefits

The biggest advantage to using thermoplastic road markings is the enhancement to road safety that comes with them. Thermoplastic markings can be extremely reflective making them easier to see at night or in bad weather conditions where visibility is poor. Thermoplastic markings can be used on any road or car park and the application of extra surface glass particles increases skid resistance. The strength and durability of thermoplastic materials offer important benefits to the road marking infrastructure.

Why Use T5 Inc. Ltd?

Whether you need current road markings refreshed or a new design marking out, T5 Inc. Ltd. are here to help. Our 24/7 availability means our crews can complete works out of hours ensuring roads are still accessible during peak times. Our Road Marking experts will conduct a full site survey and make recommendations based on Health & Safety compliance and cost efficiency.

So, whether you need parking restrictions, to improve traffic flow or refresh existing markings to improve the area, we can offer specialist advice to enhance any area, domestic or commercial. T5 Inc. Ltd. specialise in surveying & assessing each specific site so that our experienced team can offer solutions and support from the preliminary enquiry right through to conclusion of works. All our operatives are highly experienced and undertake industry specific Health & Safety training as standard.

Some Areas That Utilise Road markings

  • Private/public car parks
  • Disable bay markings
  • Line marking
  • Road symbols and hatching
  • Health and safety including school safety markings
  • Company logos
  • Directional arrows
  • Road Marking

T5 Inc. Ltd. Mission Statement

We are proud to offer a hassle-free service in which prompt attention, delivery on time, to your complete satisfaction and taking extreme care to carry out your work to the best of our ability is at the forefront of what we do.