What is Slurry Seal?

Slurry Seal / Road Seal is a bitumen-based material which is applied over existing surfaces to prolong the life of structurally sound asphalt ground works. It is a versatile material which comprises of a finely graded aggregate, bitumen-based emulsion and chemical additives to improve adhesion, and filler, mixed together and applied in a continuous process. The continuous process prevents shrinkage cracks and other heat related flaws. T5 Inc. Ltd have many years of experience in applying slurry seal, both by hand and as a continuous process using a machine and are the best people to contact for advice on such work.


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Why Use Slurry Seal?

Slurry seals are used to fill existing pavement surface defects as either a preliminary treatment for other maintenance treatments or as a top course. Slurry seal is the most versatile and cost-effective way to preserve and protect your paving surfaces over time. The application of slurry seal will significantly extend the life of existing pavements by protecting the under surface from the effects of aging and the environment. By undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in costs may be achieved. Your pavement surface will remain sound, usable and safe. In addition, extensive downtime needed to repair potholes or reconstruct the pavement will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

When to use slurry and micro-surfaces

  • Before the surface deteriorates to the stage where expensive reconstruction is required
  • Before surface skidding levels fall below the required level for the class of road
  • When the road surface profile needs minor restoration

Benefits of Slurry Seal?

  • Extremely cost effective compared to conventional resurfacing
  • Improves skid resistance and surface texture
  • Rapid curing, can receive traffic approximately 20 minutes after installation
  • Minimal traffic disruption and congestion during application.
  • Surface sealant, preventing ingress of water
  • Suitable for overlay on a wide range of surfaces
  • Can reshape and re-profile existing surfaces by filling potholes, cracks and ruts
  • Able to provide a smooth or textured finish
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Slurry surfacing costs in the region of £2.50m2 and micro-surfacing costs £3 to £4m2
  • Average service life in excess of 10 years at a cost of less than £0.40 per year

T5 Inc. Ltd. Mission Statement

We are proud to offer a hassle-free service in which prompt attention, delivery on time, to your complete satisfaction and taking extreme care to carry out your work to the best of our ability is at the forefront of what we do.