Micro surfacing is a heavy-duty surfacing solution which prolongs the life of structurally sound asphalt and tarmac ground works. It is a mixture of course graded aggregate and emulsion and is similar to Road Seal I, but includes a polymer modified bitumen emulsion for improved adhesion. Micro-Asphalt Surfacing carried out by T5 Inc. Ltd is a relatively cost-effective way of preventing potholes, surface cracking and weathering, in most laid tarmac surfaces. It will help protect the under surface from the effects of aging and the environment. Micro-Asphalt Surfacing is a cost-effective way to prevent potholes, surface cracking and weathering on roads and driveways which are otherwise solid and well founded.

Why Use ourMicro Surfacing Services?

Prevention is better than cure- Applying a layer of Micro-Asphalt Surfacing over your asphalt or tarmac installation will prevent surface distress, oxidations, loss of oils and the effects of weathering such as cracking and potholes. In addition, it provides a sealed surface that prevents loose chippings which is particularly important on high speed roads and airport runways.

Correcting existing problems-Older tarmac surfaces can be restored, weather proofed and protected from further deterioration. An application of Micro-Asphalt Surfacing will extend the life of the surface and provide safer surface with increased grip.

A facelift for tired surfaces- One simple application covers your surfaces with an attractive, hard wearing and uniform black coating. This enhances the appearance and helps add to the value of your property. Thoroughfares, car parks, pavements and runways are dramatically improved and look easy on the eye.

Micro-Asphalt Surfacing is made primarily from crushed aggregate, bitumen emulsion and fillers which are mixed together to create a durable and flexible coating for virtually any road or pavement surface. The Micro-Asphalt Surfacing is applied via a special spreader box, linked to a slurry mixing unit, which is capable of spreading it over the width of a traffic lane in a single pass.

Years of experience and expertise in Micro-Asphalt surfacing-T5 Asphalt Paving and Groundworks Contractors have been at the forefront of Micro-Asphalt Surfacing technology for many years. We have applied this extraordinary product to roads, airport runways, car parks and public thoroughfares all over the UK.

T5 Inc. Ltd. Mission Statement

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